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View Diary: Astronomical Obamacare rate hikes? Not in Florida (82 comments)

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  •  Single-payer via state government (2+ / 0-)
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    It's obvious the federal government is not going to do anything with single-payer for a good while.  Therefore it's imperative we get the ball rolling on the state level.  As usual Vermont is leading the way.  They passed single-payer a few years back and I believe it begins in 2017.  Progressives need to heavily target more blue states and lobby those state legislatures in passing single-payer at the state level.

    Single-payer bills did pass the Democratic-held California legislature a few times during Arnold's time as Governor, only to be vetoed.  Unfortunately once Dems took the Governorship and supermajorities they got cold feet and have since backed off from single-payer.  California would be a heck of a testing lab for single-payer healthcare.  Still, I think once people see it working well in VT it'll spread to other states.

    •  I live in a red state. (0+ / 0-)

      My career would keep me from moving anytime soon.

      The ACA was sold to us as a first step, and I think we should hold our representatives to that promise. I realize that they probably can't get single payer done without cleaning house in Congress (both parties) but I don't believe for one second that they couldn't force through incremental improvements to the ACA (eventually leading to single-payer) if the political will was there. We need to keep up the pressure to create that political will.

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