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View Diary: Another Texas WTF - Open Carry Gun Extremists Plan March Through 'Black Neighborhood' (252 comments)

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  •  Here Is What I Would Do If I Were An African (0+ / 0-)

    American in the neighborhood these open carry thugs were marching through: organize a "neighborhood watch" (ala George Zimmerman) and, from the safety of barricades in your homes, open fire on the idiots carrying the AR 15 assault rifles. That's right - ambush the idiots. Kill them all.  Then calmly call the cops and report that there were "armed thugs" walking through your neighborhood, and fearing for your safety, you and your neighbors decided to "defend" yourselves. It might teach these open carry idiots a lesson. And I'm guessing when white people start getting shot and killed, it would lead to the Texas legislature banning open carry.

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