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View Diary: Thad Cochran survives thanks to Democrats (297 comments)

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  •  Exactly my point. (2+ / 0-)
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    a2nite, terrypinder

    In the primaries he was their enemy. But all you gotta do is throw some red meat out there and theyll line right up.

    These people...I mean...theyre Republicans! Lol. Theyll vote Republican.

    •  Well, let me just say this, it is going to be (1+ / 0-)
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      certainly tough for Cochran to come out belittling blacks when the tea racists see him in well publicized photos shaking the hands of blacks as he courts them to come out and help him beat their candidate.

      It would seem to me the smart political move in a general election would be to attempt to slice off a bigger helping of black or Democratic voters as he faces his Democratic opponent. This while appealing to his long time Republican base.

      •  No it won't. (5+ / 0-)

        All he has to do is use the old tried and true dog whistles....welfare, Obama, illegals, etc. Same GOP script, same GOP results. These people have no shame...are you kidding me? You think they ever give a shit about hypocrisy? Please. Cochran can take a dump on black voters and white folks in Mississippi will head right to the polls to endorse it.

        Theyll actually get a kick that he used the nigras for their votes and didnt give em shit in return.

        Hes a safe re-elect.

        •  Uh-huh...I dare him to follow your strategy..... I (1+ / 0-)
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          just heard Cochran talking about his win being a group effort and "We all have a stake in the results" and that he wants to bring jobs to his constituents and saying this with a mixed crowd behind him.... Somehow he's not subscribing to your political strategy just yet....

          And I hear McDaniel with an all white crowd behind him talking about the "fight not being over" for this Republican election "should have been decided by Republican voters"....  

          We shall see....

          •  Sounds like youve changed parties. (1+ / 0-)
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            Jesus Christ. Thad "Southern Strategy" Cochran becomes liberal hero because used a bunch of nigras. Next youll be telling me hes better than Obama on race.

            Amazing stuff happens every day.

          •  I mean this guy never said a word about doing a (2+ / 0-)
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            a2nite, terrypinder

            damn thing for black people until his seat was in jeopardy,  and now hes a civil rights giant!

            Lol. White people are so funny.

            •  I have no idea where you got that detour. You (0+ / 0-)

              seem to have jumped off on some crazy Wray & Nephew 100 proof ish that I never poured out....

              As I said, I dare Cochran to follow your political strategy for it would be a sure fire way of him losing.

              You're the one talking about Cochran being a liberal hero, through whichever avenue you turned to get there....

              I'm talking about what I feel Cochran will do to try and beat his Democratic opponent in November. And my assessment that he is on thin ice.

              Blacks have voted for him because McDaniel leaves no doubt of his racist leanings....Sons of Confederate defender.

              He will actually lose in November. The only issue as a political watcher is whether he will go down trying to win more black votes in his fight with the tea critters, which according to McDaniel...It's on!  or he will commit political suicide by coming out and belittling black folk as you are suggesting he will do....

              It seems from what he has said already...Cochran will try to win by courting additional black votes and try to attract them to his cause.... This don't mean he is Marcus Garvey either, in case you get the notion to jump on that trip....

              •  So, because Thad Cochran (2+ / 0-)
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                a2nite, terrypinder

                shook hands with a black person to save his own ass, he's not a racist. Despite him being the pioneer of the Southern Strategy in Mississippi, and an entire life of never lifting a finger to do a solitary thing for black voters his entire life, and voting in the Senate, reliably, for some of the worst GOP legislation of the Bush years, and being stridently opposed to president obama at every turn, this same Thad Cochran is now a hero to you because he shook hands with a black person.

                Mind boggling the way white folks think.

                •  Oh I see your strategy, you lost your argument (0+ / 0-)

                  so you keep insisting Cochran is "my hero". You are basically saying too that black folk who voted for Cochran yesterday because he lobbied for their votes and they voted for him to get back at Sons of Confederate Defender McDaniel, they see him as a "hero". And somehow must be against Obama. Being one of the greatest Obama detractors online, yourself, you certainly can spot people "against Obama". Right?

                  I tell you what though, spit out the the passage where I said Cochran is a hero and I'll own it.... Or secondly, check out your comment history versus mine and tell me which of the two of us are Obama detractors and seemingly against Obama.

              •  I can well understand why minority Democrats might (3+ / 0-)
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                a2nite, susanala, novapsyche

                turn out to make sure that Cochran is the nominee. These folks actually have to live there. It's not a an exercise in political philosophy to them. If, as seems likely, the election of a Democrat is only a slim possibility they would naturally want to ensure that the less insane Republican be the nominee.

                “Poverty wants much; but avarice, everything” Publilius Syrus

                by gelfling545 on Wed Jun 25, 2014 at 04:25:52 AM PDT

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