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  •  Building renewables (0+ / 0-)

    is not symbolic. It's tangible. The stimulus investments and tax credits for renewables got tangible results.
    Billions in energy efficiency spending isn't symbolic.
    Auto fuel standards, truck standards, billions invested in rail, and promoting alternative transportation planning for cities isn't symbolic. A lot of other President would not have made those things the focus of the stimulus or used the auto bailout to get car manufacturers to change. Ultimately, reducing consumption is more important than what we're extracting right now, and Obama is getting results to reduce consumption.

    The CO2 rule doesn't exist in a vacuum. Mercurcy and SCAPR are already pushing announced coal plant closures. Add in CO2 and coal ash rules and you've got something way, way more than symbolic. I've seen announcements of 12 coal boiler closures in just the last two weeks. Hundreds more will come. That's not symbolic.

    Obama needs to do more. I don't see how convincing people that tangible progress is all meaningless motivates people or politicians to do more.

    •  The point is what target (0+ / 0-)

      What target of degree C are we aiming for. The 2°C is practically a fantasy now. The Neoliberals and their "all-of-the-above" strategy will likely push us right to the 4°C threshold.

      Its a simple math of how many gt of carbon we can still burn, and doesnt yet incorporate complex feedbacks. Need I remind also of Scientists' tendency to anti-alarmism has already seen conservative projections fail. Jut a few years ago we were all still discussing 2°C by 2100 and the Arctic wasn't in threat of imminent summer collapse.

      Judging by Obama's actions and many other business leaders, we all see positive momentum for mitigation. Sadly, most still seem to live in some technological fantasy where man will ultimately "overcome nature". What % of Earth's population are we willing to sacrifice?

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