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    The argument isn't that it doesn't lower emissions, but rather that it is a very small reduction in emissions relative to what is needed. Indeed, Scientists have estimated that at best it reduces Global emissions ~1% per year.

    What Climate target are we aiming for? Neoliberals clearly dont mind taking more risks, and relying more on tech that doesn't exist yet, all so their profits are harmed the least possible. Their strategy, in their calculation, is cost-effective for themselves (the 1%). Climate Targets are not even that important to them.

    Brad Plumer has another excellent article about why 2°C is basically in our rear-view mirror:

    Obama's Climate legacy will be in moving the conversation forward and taking important political baby steps. However, his ecological & ClimateChange legacy will be remembered as insufficient.

    Leaky Methane Makes Natural Gas Bad for Global Warming
    "Natural gas fields globally may be leaking enough methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to make the fuel as polluting as coal for the climate over the next few decades"

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