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    Back in the '80s, a University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee professor wrote a couple of science fiction books, premise of which was that in a near future where global warming has become acute and resources tight, the City of Milwaukee breaks away from the excesses of state government and recreates itself as a walled city-state, and then proceeds to build a paradise within. Some of this actually turns out to be happening, though only in smaller, more modest ways. As the state continues to whack funding for environmental protection, mass transit, public schools, urban development and the social safety net, the city increasingly has reacted by making itself far more green and self-sustaining. It's not enough, yet, but it's a start. I expect more and more cities under political and economic duress will follow suit. A major issue in this movement is growing enough food locally to sustain your population when food-transport costs become excessive and when climate change damages more crops elsewhere. Most cities today couldn't last more than a couple weeks on warehoused food trucked in from farm regions.

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