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View Diary: U.S. gross domestic product contracted at 2.9 percent in 1st quarter, worst showing in five years (137 comments)

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  •  Even the diarist explains that this is... (4+ / 0-)
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    nota bene, gjohnsit, cville townie, Brecht

    ...pure Wall Street drivel. Ned, when I mentioned the following phrase, upthread, I was thinking of Kossacks just like YOU: "...the rare company of a couple of dozen other confused Kossacks in this community..."

    "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

    by bobswern on Wed Jun 25, 2014 at 10:14:26 AM PDT

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    •  bobswern you have become the self appointed (0+ / 1-)
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      cville townie

      action-hero of these pages, with a quick tut-tu-too of the trumpet and a "charggggeee!" Like Atom Ant (my apologies to Atom Ant) you are off and ready to swoop in with a quick diary or comment of all that is somehow inadequate, corrupt, or nefarious in the age of the current President, and ready with a quick super-heroic insult for anyone who disagrees with your all knowing perspicacious assessment of why we have been consigned to a world of doom since January 20, 2009.

      The fact that you are actually crafting these action adventure rhetorical lobs with me in mind, says a great deal about your mindset and the fact that you might need to take off your cape and tube socks and go out for some sunshine.

      Your continuing vigilance at your computer screen will not convince me or the world that all has been lost during the tenure of this administration and if you continue the society for cartoon super heroes will suspend you with not even a hint of commendation, for your years of hard work....

      So, you like to think of me when authoring comments, hmm?  Well guess what...I seldom think of you....

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