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View Diary: Dem base is increasingly brown, Dem consultants lily white (144 comments)

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  •  Statistics mean nothing if.... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...relevant context and other facts are not also provided.  What does the following quote actually mean?:

    "Consulting firms received $514 million in disbursements from the Party during the relevant time period ... only 1.7%, ($8.7 million) of the $514 million dollars spent by the Party on consultants during these time periods were disbursed to [minority owned] firms."

    This statistic sounds horrible and I definitely agree that Democrats (and society in general) needs to do more in promoting and giving business to minority owned firms.  But the above statistic would mean more to me if I knew how many minority owned firms actually exist.

    So, if there are 1000 firms total and only 50 of them are minority owned and the Democrats disbursed funds to all of the minority firms, Democrats would still be guilty of distributing 98% of its funds to non-minority businesses.  Yet, they would also be "guilty" of distributing funds to 100% of the minority owned firms.

    Furthermore, not all firms are equal in size.  If there are 100 firms total and firms 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 controlled 80% of the market (relative to size), then it would make sense that they would receive the largest share of money.  If firms 6-100 only controlled 20% of the market and the minority owned firms within this group were even smaller, it would not make sense to give the bulk of money to a much smaller firm, whether it was minority owned or not.

    Statistics are used all of the time, usually to support ones own biased position.  Rarely are statistics used to just explain the facts.  Statistics are inherently biased if all data sets aren't also included.

    We need to be careful around here at Dailykos about group think.  I read the comments here on this diary and everyone rushes to judgment...without all of the facts.

    We accuse the GOP, Tea Party and their followers as being rubes and ill informed.  Let's be better than our accusations and actually inform ourselves...with ALL the facts...and ALL the stats!

    •  I agree, to a point. (0+ / 0-)

      Kos had to grab on to stats at hand.  I doubt there are equivalent stats on campaign managers and other staff that candidates hire.  Those usually come from personal networks the candidates have.

      But the big firms influence party efforts, regional efforts, and large campaigns.  It's a concern when you see the same names over and over and over again.

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