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  •  My Experiences as Clinic "Walker/Escort" (21+ / 0-)

    I remember watching a Phil Donahue program on the Dr. Gunn murder back in the early `83(?) & it so incensed me that I immediately started going thru the phonebook looking for abortion clinics in the area that might need "Escorts".
    Most that I called were actually "Christian" scammers that were set up to talk women OUT of it!

    I finally found the Women's Health Clinic in Concord, NH was the only one anywhere nearby, & joined them as a volunteer "Escort" 1-2 days a week & "on-call" as needed.

    They gave us a sort of preparatory course as to what we would be up against, but I was NOT nearly prepared for the level of verbal & physical abuse we would be subjected to for hours at a time each day!!

    These so-called "Christians" were psychotically VICIOUS, CRUEL, & ABUSIVE in every way possible!!

    Our job was to watch for young women arriving, & get to their cars as quickly as possible to shield them from the mob of men & women that would start screaming vicious insults at these poor, frightened girls. Calling them all sorts of vile names, screaming "Mommy.. don't kill me... I don't want to die!", etc.. (even worse near religious holidays.. esp Xmas!)

    I would basically hold my arms out in a half-circle around the girl (street-side, as she walked close to the wall to the steps going up to the clinic, trying to calm her down, & keep these sadistic people out of her path & face.

    I can't tell you how many times they'd push me full-force, trying to knock me down. One very LARGE/FAT, & VERY MEAN woman pushed me HARD one icy winter day, straight into the low stone wall surrounding the clinic... I just barely managed to get my hands out in front of my face in time to keep from smashing my teeth in the cement & rock!

    She'd REPEATELY called the police on me for "Assault" whenever I'd blocked her (I NEVER touched her) from getting to these girls, accusing ME of pushing HER, & when I reported HER on this incident, she claimed she was nowhere near me, & her friends backed her up & told the police that they SAW me just slip on the ice! (The police KNEW what was going on, & never took it any further with us, but they were required to show up each time... almost daily.)

    One wicked young woman was the wife of the guy who'd fire-bombed the Dover clinic some months before... & she'd be out there with 3 poor young children in tow, for HOURS in blistering heat of summer & icy cold of winter! Leaving them alone in the car often & virtually ignoring their cries! (Mother of the year candidate!)

    We were constantly being photographed & video-taped, they knew my van & especially my bike... always kept them in the clinic's parking lot & had to check them regularly for signs of vandalism.

    Evidently someone followed me back to my business, because I started getting very nasty "anonymous" calls & threats!

    The verbal abuse was so bad, we would have to alternately take breaks to go inside & calm down till we could handle it again!

    We were told to keep quiet & say nothing... just ignore it... but it was REALLY difficult. Some days I just couldn't keep my mout shut. One particulary mean guy was a SERIOUS HOMOPHOBIC, so I had great fun teasing him about finally "admitting his gayness and coming out of the closet"... (I support LGBT rights & have a number of friends that are.. no problem)... but I knew it was HIS trigger... as he'd repeatedly tried to get me to come down the steps & fight him... (would bave been NO contest

    Towards the end of my time there, we were getting regular death threats... & the clinic was trying to raise money to buy us bullet-proof vests.

    After a year or so, I finally had to quit, as I was having a VERY difficult time holding my temper at the verbal & physical abuse we were subjected to, & was afraid I'd finally lose it & deck one of them the next time they pushed me down or tripped me. (Didn't want the clinic to get sued if I did!)

    I remember being in Boston the day of the clinic shootings (~12/94?)... I'd taken a break from taking care of my dying aunt & gone down to Boston for a few days to stay at the AYH Hostel & walk around town to "regenerate" from the stress. On the way back to the hostel I walked past the clinic ~4pm or so... shortly after, I saw it on the news that the gunman had just shot a nurse, doctor, & patients... WOW!

    A 35 foot "buffer zone"...isn't nearly enough... but it is BETTER THAN NONE! These so-called "Christians" are the most "un-Christ-like" people in the world! These poor girls are already having to deal with the hardest decision of their lives & don't need to be hearing these cruel B***ds SCREAMING at them, calling them "sluts", "whores", "baby-killers", "murderers", etc...!!!

    IF these people REALLY CARED... they would FIRST see that EVERY SINGLE CHILD of EVERY AGE in EVERY ORPHANAGE, STATE CHILDREN's HOME, etc... were ADOPTED... but NO... they only care about adopting "Babies"... to Hell with them after they're 3-4-5+yrs old! (Just as well for these kids anyway... can you IMAGINE the INDOCTRINATION & ABUSE they'd suffer in the homes of these NUT JOBS???!!!)

    I've always wanted to go back to the clinic & help out, but with each passing year, I have LESS & LESS TOLERANCE for these cruel & sad excuses for existance, & doubt I could hold my temper against their abusive behavior for very long... :(

    (Sorry for the length... could have doubled this with even more stories!)

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