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  •  You did the right thing. (8+ / 0-)

    I will not go into an establishment where there are civilians (e.g. non-LEO or security guards) displaying guns.

    If I see a gun displayed, I will do the same thing that you did -- call the manager and ask if he is happy with that. If he is, I will explain why I will no longer patronize the establishment, will ask for his superior's name and contact info so that I can inform them, and then will leave.

    Here's the thing: they may have a permit and be in an Open Carry state, Second Amendment, and all that.

    So what? The restaurant or business establishment is still private property, and they can set the rules for their own business.

    You have a First Amendment right to stand out on the sidewalk with a bullhorn and preach to the world about whatever religious or political beliefs you hold. But they wouldn't let you come inside and bother their patrons with it, with or without your bullhorn.

    In fact, if you exercised your First Amendment right to observe that, in your opinion, only little boys worried about their own manhood needed to strap on an iron penis substitute and swagger around to show everyone, they (and he) might take issue with that, too.

    I wouldn't actually suggest that observation, though, although I personally think its true. The point is, though, that YOU have every right NOT to be terrorized, and the establishment CAN control it. If they don't want to, vote with your feet and wallet, and make sure they understand why.

    If enough people do this, businesses WILL get the message.

    "I believe that some fine day, the children of Abraham
    will lay down their swords forever in Jerusalem."

    by Ducktape on Thu Jun 26, 2014 at 12:10:59 PM PDT

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