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View Diary: In Hobby Lobby, Supremes grant religious objection rights to for-profit corporations. (340 comments)

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  •  Something just occurred to me... (0+ / 0-)

    could this decision be used by a privately-owned pharmacy to justify refusing to stock and dispense contraceptive drugs and devices?

    In many rural areas, the nearest pharmacy is privately owned rather than part of a big box store like WalMart or Walgreens.  For some women, these pharmacies may be the only way they have to obtain the drugs prescribed by their doctor.

    In its decision, SCOTUS determined that allowing contraceptive coverage in an employee health plan presents a substantial burden to a closely-held corporation if such coverage violates the owner(s) religious beliefs.  

    If something so tenuous is a burden, how can having to actually stock and hand over those same contraceptives be anything but an even more substantial burden in the eyes of SCOTUS?

    And yes, I agree with the original poster that SCOTUS is living a pipe dream if they think this will remain confined to contraceptives.  All anyone has to do is show that the government has an alternative means of ensuring people get whatever it is the employer objects to and its a win.  

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