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View Diary: Democrats need women to vote, Hobby Lobby will deliver (379 comments)

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  •  one of my poorly expressed points exactly (1+ / 0-)
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    There is data and then there is our brain. Interpretation of data is mostly subjective and can be interpreted into oblivion.

    I see the data. I try to keep up, but really data is misinterpreted and misunderstood too many times to use it to predict something so far out as 2016.

    We have work to do now for now. Looking ahead is fine just keep in mind that there are tripwires at our feet that we also need to pay attention to.

    Single payer IS the answer.

    by oofer on Mon Jun 30, 2014 at 01:45:58 PM PDT

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    •  there's a difference (3+ / 0-)
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      duhban, Angie in WA State, Penny GC

      in magnitude, here. Romney's people's analysis of the polling data was a few percentage points off, 3-5% depending on the team.

      With the polling data on a potential Clinton run in the primaries it'd be kinda hard to be making a 50% error.

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