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View Diary: Four years after meltdown, Rand Paul issues statement honoring 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act (29 comments)

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    one of the Paulistas, we have this screed on Hobby Lobby.

    That the Hobby Lobby case is even being discussed shows just how far we have gone from the most basic understanding of rights.

    It is simply not the "right" of one human to ask government to use guns to force another human to buy them something. Not birth control, not food, not life saving surgery, not a television, Rolex or a Ferrari. Sorry, that is not anyone's right.

    What is a right is for each human to do what they wish provided it harms no other and to engage in voluntary actions, agreements and trade with other humans.

    This means they should be able to marry who they wish, carry guns if they wish, sell or smoke plants if they wish and give or sell birth control pills or heath insurance to whom they wish. They can also work where they want and quit if they don't like the job or the benefits or are upset that the employer does not buy them a certain item. That's called freedom and I'm not sure why it's sure a foreign concept these days.

    Government has no business telling us who to love, what to consume and has no business banning birth control nor forcing people to use it or buy it.

    Yes, because for a millionaire businessman, it is that easy to simply leave a job and start another.  For your working class person and the unemployment rate the way it is, not so much.

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