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View Diary: What's next in the Hobby Lobby fight, and how to win it (130 comments)

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  •  I love this plan just for the simple joy I would (0+ / 0-)

    experience at watching conservatives soil themselves over the "ghastly" prospect of over the counter birth control. I mean if over the counter birth control wasn't a sign from Jesus that "teh end tymze" are nigh then nothing is. Let's do this just for the shear chain jerking aspect of it.

    •  I have the popcorn waiting for the Big Pharma (0+ / 0-)

      response to all this, tearing away from them all those customers for bcp just when there was no financial burden for the women and a whale worth of new sales possible for Pharma, until this.

       Just as United Health now has a unit to help hospitals they accept to get their paperwork through Medicare that they didn't have before, Big Pharma may well itself find a way to deal with this, in the ineffable ways of private enterprise seeing a market pulled away just as they were reaching for it.

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