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View Diary: The most corrupt states are mostly—surprise!—Red (and mostly white ... but not blue) (174 comments)

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  •  the republican flaw (0+ / 0-)

    republican sanctimony is directly proportional to their excuse-making prowess.

    to the extent of their need to project righteousness and superiority, they have to rationalize their abandonment of law/constraint in service of the twin devils of power and wealth.

    their go-to excuse is always:

    "We have to do this bad thing,
    In order to pre-empt the bad thing which-we-just-know the other guys are going to do,
    Because we-just-know we're good and they're bad."

    but it's transparent bullshit, and they keep tripping over their own dicks.

    on the other hand, they mostly get away with it.

    boring, pathetic, how do we fight it?

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