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View Diary: You know that Hobby Lobby covers 16 forms of birth control? (33 comments)

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  •  wingers have all sorts of problems understanding (8+ / 0-)

    female anatomy and how it functions.  For example, the claim that BC is solely for BC except in a "few isolated cases".  Actually, the stats reveal that only 48% or so women take BC solely for the purpose of birth control.  A significant number take BC for other medical reasons while many take it for dual reasons.

    I note that Sandra Fluke is being mentioned again along with other "slut shaming" at women who expect BC as a part of their healthcare.  I also note the SCOTUS has handed the anti-choice people a back door victory, as the BC that is banned by Hobby Lobby prevents fertilization of the egg or implantation of the fertilized egg.  The anti-choice people argue that life begins at conception.  Given the types of BC Hobby Lobby objects to, SCOTUS seems to acknowledge this POV as a valid scientific POV.  Hobby Lobby seems to take the idea of life at conception a bit farther, given the BC they object to, in that it seems they consider life to begin at the possibility of conception, not just conception and any block to conception constitutes a de facto abortion

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