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View Diary: McDaniel vs. Cochran battle still raging (110 comments)

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  •  Well... (1+ / 0-)
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    So at that point, does Thad court the AA vote again, just to be sure?
    I think so...if I were Cochran then I would...unless Childers gets on the ball.

    I think Childers chances get better and better the longer McDaniel perpetuates this drama. But Childers has to be ready; he is replacing a long time United States Senator who brings home the pork for the state (and "bringing home the pork" for the state would be an ideal way for Cochran to reach out to the black community in the general election.

    •  Exactly--and there would certainly be some (1+ / 0-)
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      Chitown Kev

      plausibility to the bringing-home-the-pork argument from Cochran, since Childers wouldn't have any more seniority than McD would have.  But it would also be incredibly high risk of further inflaming the R base, under the circumstances.  Could be an interesting cost/benefit call.

      •  Thing is (1+ / 0-)
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        Houses in Motion

        considering that Cochran won in part by attempting to and getting enough black folks, the national Republicans may want him to continue to do the outreach...nothing else has worked as far as the GOP trying to get minority votes.

        •  I agree re national GOP (though MS is a fairly (1+ / 0-)
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          Chitown Kev

          special case in this regard; I doubt this kind of 'outreach' has much logic to it outside MS and maybe AL). But it's precisely this 'outreach' that has the Miss TP base all het up, and it's not like Cochran can soothe them by saying, well, this is the guidance I'm getting from the GOP Establishment :-)

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