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View Diary: Deep thinker Jonah Goldberg on why women's health care is stupid and wrong (228 comments)

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    But if I ask my employer to pay for my trip to a Game of Thrones fan convention, I am asking him to make it his business.
    If the government mandates that you MUST go to the Game of Thrones convention, and tells your employer that they have to pay 60% of the cost, at most that makes it 60% of your employer's business.  That doesn't mean they can tell you whether to attend the talk on dire wolves or the talk on dragons once you get there.

    If employers really didn't want to pay for all this stuff they find icky, they should have been campaigning HARD for single-payer.  Yet they didn't.  I think that deserves a closer look, especially in the case of self-insured cases.  Somebody was making some money off health insurance, and now they want to cry about it.

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