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View Diary: Residential solar will be cheaper than grid electricity in 25 states by 2015 says utility CEO (142 comments)

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  •  lol so 2nd addendum (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm utterly flattered for the update and now that I understand your intent have recced the diary.

    Der Weg ist das Ziel

    by duhban on Sat Jul 05, 2014 at 09:18:53 PM PDT

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    •  Oh, good, you came just in time duhban as I have (1+ / 0-)
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      just written you three more extremely long 3rd, 4th, and 5th addendums that are collective even longer than my enormously too long post.

      And, was just warming up. I was just about to write a sixth, but was going to find a different comment to attach it to so it didn't look like I was ranting and raving but just casually passing by.


      Well, you did raise several excellent points about Chinese pollution and there being the worst coal polluters around.

      But when you accuse me of "whitewashing" these facts. and repeating Chinese propaganda you really riled me up, duhbah.

      Because, I'm trying to fife up Americans to stand up and fight for "our" solar and wind industries!!!

      It's almost too bad I see your funny comment here, because I'm so worked up now, as soon as I found a naked comment you made somewhere else here that I haven't already attached at least two long tirades to.

      This next one was going to be really good one, probably the best yet. Like Declaration of Independence level, Yes that's the ticket, duhban, I would get the Declaration of Independence and copy that first couple paragraphs before the grievances..

      Maybe we could pretend like we could pretend like this reproachmont happened latter.

      Because when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to point out how wrong duhban's characterization of my remarks are, it is incumbent upon an author to enumerate the errors ... etc. etc. it could have been a classic.

      Oh, well, this is a relief actually because I remembered you as one of the "good readers" probably even almost like a friend, or at least on our way, at least smart and reasonable,  so your surprise attack ... surprised me.  That's probably why I brought up the whole Pearl Harbor metaphor.  But, now I'm so glad I didn't call you a treacherous scoundrel as imagine how awkward that would be now.

      Oh, well, it's too bad we didn't start this earlier as now its sort of late.

      But, I should at least thank you for giving an old dog some exercise and entertainment. It's always sad to see those poor old dogs that get so tired they just lay on the poor looking sad and do not even bother to chase passing cars anymore.

      Now I fell like I chased some cars but got several and chewed on the tires.

      Thanks for commenting and cheers duhban.

      Humor Alert! No statement from this UID is intended to be true, including this one. Intended for recreational purposes only. Unauthorized interpretations may lead to unexpected results. This waiver void where prohibited. Artistic License - 420420

      by HoundDog on Sat Jul 05, 2014 at 10:07:12 PM PDT

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      •  lol so consolidating here (0+ / 0-)

        I'm going to use this as a response to all your comments and hopefully a clarification.

        I read the section starting with

        China has taken a more positive and wiser strategy using this knowledge to buy its way down the solar industry learning curve. Rather than ask, "how long will it be before solar energy generation can match, or beat the cost of coal generation?" They asked, "how much would it cost to make solar energy less expensive than coal?  
        And ending with
        4. China then emerges as the dominant global player in solar energy technologies invented, and cultivated down the first 50 years of the learning curve by the U.S. when the new technologies were outrageously expensive. But sadly, our backwards political leaders slept, or solve themselves, and our country, out to coal industry lobbyists, and ALEC, for a few pieces of silver.  
        And that portion (especially before your update) as propaganda. I wasn't and still am not sure if this is analysis of the previous article or your own words. It sounds like from talking with you that this was more musing aloud a couple of 'what ifs'. If so I'm sorry for misunderstanding your diary.

        There's been a lot of sensationalized articles about China and how it's the next superpower and in the context of the cited portion above I thought at first your article was another one of those.

        Other than that I liked your article quite a bit. I  hope that allows you to understand where I was coming from whether I was understanding your diary or not.

        Der Weg ist das Ziel

        by duhban on Sun Jul 06, 2014 at 08:16:35 AM PDT

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