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    it is as if some folks feel to counter "American Exceptionalism" they must describe America as the worst of all things.

    We aren't the best at everything, nor are we the most righteous. In fact, we've done and continue to do plenty of bad things, heck, some things are downright inexcusable.

    Then again, we've done a lot of good too. We have a lot to be proud of, and we have a lot to fix. But to me what is "exceptional" about America is the fact that we are such a multicultural society that you see in very few other places to this degree.

    I think the ideals we strive towards are exceptional. Our failing to reach them can be maddening of course. But progress is never smooth.  I think we can be something great, and we are on the path there, what we see are last gasps in many ways of folks who want to protect their fiefdoms.

    Isn't that why we are all here at the end of the day? To work towards the promise that is America?

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