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  •  True story (7+ / 0-)

    There is a chain of family owned Mexican markets in Southern California, Northgate Gonzalez,

    I was shopping there on Wednesday, standing on line at the prepared foods counter. A man told the woman behind the counter that he wanted a pint of refried beans. There are three sizes of containers on the top of the counter: half-pint, pint and quart. She picked up a pint and walked over to the beans. He says (loudly) that he wants a pint! She nods and goes to fill it. He continues to say I want a pint, she starts to fill the container, but he keeps saying the same thing. So I call over to him, "That is a pint!" and he turns to me and says, "I don't speak Spanish".

    I did not follow up with, "Apparently she knows English well enough to understand you, Doofus." He did not bother to thank her when he walked away.

    •  Nice story about the Gonzalez family (6+ / 0-)
      In 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama visited one of the chain's under-construction sites in Inglewood, calling Northgate Gonzalez Markets an example of the effort to bring healthful foods to low-income communities. The company had received $7.5 million in financing and investment for the store from the California FreshWorks Fund, a coalition of health organizations, banks and grocers that provide money to bring better food retailers to under-served communities. Also in 2012, the Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles gave Northgate Gonzalez Markets its "Large Private Company" award for excellence.

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      by remembrance on Thu Jul 03, 2014 at 08:55:56 PM PDT

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      •  There is a large produce section (4+ / 0-)

        in that store and the prices are comparable with the bigger supermarkets. They also make fresh corn tortillas. The prepared foods have a lot of choices which are not healthy, but some are including what I was buying, whole seasoned roasted chickens.

        Where I live, a few miles away from that store in a very middle class area, there are three big supermarkets and a Fresh and Easy less than five minutes away, one gourmet market five minutes away, two others ten minutes away, and a couple of other big supermarkets about 10 minutes away, plus a nearby K-Mart and Target both of which sell groceries (the Target has produce).

        Near the Northgate markets there are far, far fewer supermarkets, which means far less access to fresh produce at any price, much less reasonable.

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