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  •  Respectfully, the answer changes nothing (5+ / 0-)

    Self-reporting you have taken safe precautions is unreliable.  If every gun owner who swore they were practicing safe storage were actually doing so, their would be far fewer gun accidents in this country.

    I am not trying to ascertain whether my child should be in a home with a gun of someone I don't know extremely well.  The answer is no, even if they "own a gun safe", "store their ammo in a different part of the home" or the world famous "my kid knows they'll get an ass-whoopin' if they touch my gun".

    I'm not trying to change them or their gun practices (not in this action, anyway).  I'm not looking to discuss it with them.  I'm just looking to keep my kid safe while reducing the impact of him on my taking these precautions.

    •  My point was (5+ / 0-)

      that this question should be answered 'Oh we don't have any guns'. If they do have guns, it is indeed irrelevant how safe these YARGOs claim to be. Self-reporting can't be trusted, and the fundamental judgement of people with children and guns is demonstrably lacking, so no play date at that house.

      Asking 'do you have guns' is more confrontational. Assuming it with the question will not really bother those without guns, and to those with guns, it will seem like a reasonable question that doesn't reek of 'anti-gun' prejudice.  I think that question would be a better way to get an honest answer to the question 'do you have guns?'.

      'How do you store your guns?'

      'oh I have a trigger lock, and the gun is up on a shelf in the bedroom, where kids can never find it'

      'Good to know, Larry and I got rid of our guns when little Rufus came into our lives'

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