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  •  There's so much more than can be done (2+ / 0-)

    That is a tiny part of what you can teach (I had a lengthy reply all written and hit the wrong button, my cat is competing for the keyboard, I'm playing birdsong on youtube to cover fireworks and she want to get to the birdies, of course.)

    I first shot at 7 yo, and learned it wasn't up to my taste. My interests are more intellectual and say, quiet. Some parents I have come to see would force it on a child.

    I think finding out what's important to the child is the clue, if the child's interested, great, build that path, if the child's interested in say veterinary science, then pursue that instead.
    Gun lovers here have said repeatedly that we are irrationally afraid of guns. That is a dangerous falsehood they paint to maintain the mystery. One should have caution, it's a healthy thing to have, just as one should be cautious of drunk drivers and hot burners on stoves.

    Shooting one doesn't much demystify, a little, demystifying should include:

    *Showing how utterly stupid Angelina Joile and Brad Pitt looked in that movie, no injury, no messed hair, that is call out the propaganda

    *Showing how guns are used in fictional plots to fill in space

    *Showing how guns are used in certain kinds of behaviors (aggression, threats, standowns), but not suitable for others (diplomacy, dialogue), TV and movies use them a lot because they're sensational, but that's all they are

    *The extent that someone can look really stupid with a gun (I'm thinking the bangers, wannabes, brandishers, all the fakery we have these days) and finally

    *Some way to introduce the medical and biological harm and courses of action should it come to that

    Thanks NE. Have a safe 4th.

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