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View Diary: Threatening Traditions - Part II: Traditional Masculinity (240 comments)

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  •  Societies (7+ / 0-)

    dictate definitions.  And, by extension, societies dictate ideas of what is masculine and what is feminine -- in this particular society, men are taught that being aggressive and angry and threatening violence are positive attributes.  Dunno why, dunno the history of it, but these are all rather sociopathic expressions to get what one wants.

    We are dealing with the dominate, WASPM, adversarial culture of the US, yes?  So, we have been indoctrinated with these concepts as being "real." If we challenge these definitions to a person who has internalized the "male and female" role concept of this society, we cause a chain of events to unfold.  As we are an "outside influence," we are viewed as "the enemy" as "the enemy" we must therefore be eliminated/annihilated from the individual's realm of reality.  The cognitive dissonance in this individual's brain will further insulate the person from absorbing any "outside influence."

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