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  •  I had to go look at my profile to figure out how (1+ / 0-)
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    long I have been here. 9-10 years. Gosh, how could that be? Time goes by fast, I guess.

    I started regular lurking in 2004, in the fall. Came from Talking Points Memo, the first "blog" I ever started reading, exploring the lists of blogs he had on his blog roll. I live in a very red part of the country, and it helps to be able to connect with people with similar views.

    I finally made an account in 2005 in order to comment. Took me a long time to think up a name! (Now I read that names with numbers at the end of them are thought to be trolls. Oh well.)

    I comment sometimes but read lots and lots. Follow lots too, because I've read things they've written or commented. Lots of people to care about. You're on my list, grannycarol. Also people who have died, others who were sadly banished, some who left, and many who are still here.

    Came for the politics, stay for the people and the politics.

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