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  •  grannycarol, Thanks for this wonderful diary :) (1+ / 0-)
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      Your work here inspires others to notice the best use of dk.  For my own part, I "lurked" for a decade before signing in late last year. In those years, back to '95, I was teaching high school Earth Science, Environmental Studies and Chemistry in a public high school on some rez in 'ndn' country and when this wonderful image in Science Friday: don't forget your space umbrella became available, I was in 7th (or maybe 27th?) heaven & the kids were awed. I was then addicted to dk.

        Because of my previous decades of work in issue and political community organizing I was interested in what Markos had to say and was thrilled with his reporting when I found out he was weighing in with reports like More "Clark a Republican" crap.

        Since then I have read many posts by lots of the same folks you named in your diary, above, and you, yourself. I have never been disappointed in the authenticity you (all) present in stating small and big ways that we can improve the world and the bright lights you (all) shine into the darkest nooks of the experiences we share living in the U.S.

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