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  •  The Benjamins, greed and corruption (22+ / 0-)

    which undermine the very foundations of democracy, justice and human rights. Yep.

    I contributed yesterday, more than I could really afford. It is the first political contribution I've made in a long time other than charities. I had watched the new film about Aaron and had to put my feet back in. I've believed in Lessig's cause for a long time, but felt the odds were too heavy favoring the status quo. But then this happened.... :)

    I still have doubts that fixing a system already so corrupt is the best approach, but it may indeed be possible. I still believe we have to concurrently build alternative structures for civil society if this effort fails. Disaster preparedness and all that.

    So glad you've been turned on to Lessig's efforts, Opol. Your bigger amplifier may do some real good here, in spite of the current climate on this blog.

    Three cheers for fighting for public domain and the common good!

    Here's to the glorious pessimists who still fight for optimism and better days. If you are walking with a grim slit on your face, it's because you give a shit that things are falling down and don't think that bullshit happy talk is a plan. - LHM

    by cosmic debris on Sat Jul 05, 2014 at 09:27:20 AM PDT

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