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View Diary: "Coal Rollers": Conservatives intentionally spew black smoke from their cars to piss off liberals (116 comments)

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    Would love to know how it is illegal, specifically.

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      before the addition of the EPA's comments, but it violates the Clean Air Act, as well as many state and local emissions requirements. It's impossible to register a car that you don't intend to use to pollute the environment, if your fuel or exhaust system fail emissions tests, nevermind if you're a big enough idiot to install an aftermarket tool that intentionally pollutes the air. I just hope state and local governments will recognize this new trend and pass guidelines for emissions inspectors to look for evidence of "coal rollin."

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        published at the top of the page, above the title.

        This one was published on Sunday afternoon, but there's an update to the diary published on Monday that reflects the gist of your comment.

        As for what state and local governments will do, that, like the real estate market, boils down to "location, location, location"
        doesn't it?


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        by a gilas girl on Tue Jul 08, 2014 at 08:07:55 AM PDT

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      •  I hope these fuckwits aren't doing this... (2+ / 0-)
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        kitchieboy, CaffeineInduced California.  Our smog-control laws alone would get those turds off the roads.  There are SO many mechanics offering smog-checks, I'm guessing it must be something that's enforced here in the original land of the catalytic-converters (not a native Cali-critter here--I'm from Canuckistan.  ;-p).  Catch one of those 'tards coughing smoke onto any vehicle behind them, too, let alone a Prius (which we drive, oddly enough.  Huh, fancy that)--CHiPs will be on their ass for being a highway hazard.

        Oh, and I might drive a Prius, but I have a temper, and if there is one of these idiots sending "smoke signals" at me on the highway, this Indian's gonna answer 'em with a little chat with her "tomahawk"....hood-cam, complete with snarky commentary as I video the fool.  Jerks.

        I'll have so much fun posting that idiocy to Youtube.  (evil grin)

        Seriously, though, I'd be calling the cops and giving the guy's license-plate number over--assuming I'm able to see it, of course, or that I'm not shying off the road in a panic over not being able to see.  What an utterly fucktarded thing to do as a "protest".  Just adds more to the list of why I dislike Conservatives and Tea-Baggers so much--they're so bleeping deluded.  Sheesh.

        The car is actually owned by my hubby.  Me, I made a promise to myself years ago: my first car is gonna be electric, and frak you to the polluters who want to keep them from becoming popular.  I'm drooling over the newest Tesla right now.  Rawr.  <3

        If we acknowledge our fears, then we must also acknowledge the consequences of our actions when we react to those fears. Hate is based on fear, fear comes from a lack of understanding. When you understand, it is more difficult to hate.

        by TheProgressiveAlien on Tue Jul 08, 2014 at 10:00:17 AM PDT

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