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View Diary: Intimidation is Winning; Difficult/Impossible to Replace Retiring Abortion Providers (74 comments)

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  •  If my mind and body weren't constantly drained ... (6+ / 0-)

    If my mind and body weren't constantly drained by having an incurable, chronic pain illness, I would be willing to go back to school just for this reason. I've been very pro-choice since I was around 13 years old and that will NEVER change. It is too important that we keep abortion legal and available for all women who make such a personal, difficult decision. The pro-life movement are, for the most part, extremists who carry such an unhealthy obsession for other women's personal choices, fetuses, and giving birth. I highly recommend seeing the HBO documentary "12th & Delaware". It's a very scary, but true film about a crisis pregnancy center that opened up shop across the street from an abortion providers clinic. Its very eye opening about the lengths which pro-life extremists go to prevent women's health rights. I'm sorry I can't post a link because I'm still trying to figure out my newer phone functions. Anywho, that's just my 2 cents for now. :) Thank you for this important diary.

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