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View Diary: Gallup: POTUS Job Approval Leaps 5 Points in 6 Days (142 comments)

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  •  It's a response to the unequivocally good (10+ / 0-)

    economic report.  Looks like Ukraine's new President is making incremental progress against pro-Russian separatists and Putin seems to be staying behind his own borders for now.  That is a product of Obama's foreign policy which was a combination of drawing clear lines, imposing sanctions and diplomacy which bought enough time for Ukraine to have an election and give the new government a chance to implement its approach based in part on the election results.

    That Crimea is under de facto Russian control actually helps the Ukrainian government because the Crimeans will not be able to push a pro-Russian agenda from within and there will be more unity of opinion and the ability to execute on the wishes of the majority.  Just imagine if Texas left the Union....there would be no obstacle to getting common sense things done because the GOP simply wouldn't have the numbers to slow anything down.

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