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View Diary: Nation's largest teachers union calls for Arne Duncan's resignation (203 comments)

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    I taught in two urban districts--one large, one small--in the course of my teaching career.
    Most of my colleagues were better, more creative, and definitely more hard-working than teachers in more wealthy school districts.
    You simply don't last long in a high-needs placement if you aren't.
    Duncan, like Michelle Rhee, actually didn't teach long before deciding to move into administration.
    He claimed that Chicago teachers weren't doing their jobs ver well because his mother taught numerous illiterate children to read in her small after-school academic clinic.
    What's appears to have been overlooked is the fact that
    1. His mother worked with very small groups of children, or individual children, which is the way reading remediation is done in public schools if it's funded. In urban schools, that's often a big if.
    2. The children his mother worked with we're a self-selected group, which automatically means different motivation.
    Duncan should have been gone long ago.

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