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View Diary: Nation's largest teachers union calls for Arne Duncan's resignation (203 comments)

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  •  What on earth... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...has Obama done that would even begin to raise to the level of calling for his impeachment or resignation? There's a long history of executive officers and staffers falling on their swords, rarely does the CIC do so.

    Bad judgement in a single appointment (or even several) or revealing that one's actual views when hit with political reality don't match exactly what the voters expected are hardly a justification for either impeachment (a very high bar) or resignation (in absence of a pending impeachment likely to be successful or a dreadful crisis caused by mismanagement, extremely unlikely).

    •  The fact is that there's no reason for any of the (0+ / 0-)

      long list of Obama appointees hated by the "true left" to resign.  They have no scandals, they have no signs of malfeasance, instead, they merely differ on policy with the extreme left.  Well, sorry, that is not a reason to resign.  (And that's one reason the demand by teachers union for Duncan to resign is a pathetic joke.)

      If one is going to demand folks' resignation for mere disagreement on policy, then why not demand the President's resignation for that reason as well?  After all, as the comment I replied says, he appointed them.

      The comment to which I was responding, which purports to speak for the "true left", says "it's time to look at the guy that appointed them [these guys we hate over policy disagreements]".  OK, after "looking at" Obama, then what?  You've accomplished nothing by doing that.

      The Obama bashes on the left dream of getting Obama out of office, but unlike their tea-party counterpart Obama haters, they don't have the guts to call for it.  They instead demand, "looking at" Obama, which essentially means, "bashing him over and over, and condemning him, and trying to convince everyone else to loathe him as much as we do".  To what end?  To zero end, that's what.

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