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View Diary: Ted Cruz: Mississippi ain't over (145 comments)

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  •  Too Perfect... Two far right sociopaths... (6+ / 0-)

    fighting over who cheated the most.  

    Clearly, their poor-loser, bad-sport, behavior during President Obama's first term - behavior that turned off normal people and motivated many normally politically uninvolved people to vote to reelect the man the right wing had tried to paint as a hobgolblin - a total fail.  

    When you lose an election - for student council in junior high school or for the office of senator or POTUS, if you're smart and you have a working conscience to guide you, you take a step back, congratulate the winner and preserve your good image to run another day.  

    Not these losers.  They have no moral compass, so they have no idea how universally despicable they look.  Oh, please, please proceed....  

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