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    It's time for ALL OF US to set aside our political and religious differences and join forces to fight the profit-over-planet crazies in and out of government in the fossil fuel war loving, planet polluting oligarchy. For example, you know those fundies always blamed for ignoring the climate issue. Well, they GET IT NOW!
    I just read from a Seniors web site that are Christians the truth that ACTUAL Christians NEVER were supposed to agree to trashing the environment. All that mind fork injected into the so-called Fundies has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity and EVERYTHING to do with a pro-war, pro fossil fuel oligarchic propaganda exercise lasting more than a century. 
    " What's With That Dirty House Roof?
    We recently celebrated "Earth Day".. From my Christian perspective, I believe we have a deep responsibility to be good stewards of the planet that God has given for          each of us to use for a few years. "This Is My Father's World" Have you sung that  hymn at church? I have, since I was a wee boy, and that's a long time. So then, today might be a good time for each of us to ask if we have been responsible with "our Father's world". And, how can I be more responsible tomorrow? 
    From a more practical perspective, what good is having all of the money or gold in the world, if we have destroyed our air, water, and land? Have you noticed how filth from the sky has fouled your roof, or the one next door?  
    We didn't see so much of this just a few years ago. If you have a new home with a clean roof, just drive around and look at some 10-year roofs. Crud from the air has           been deposited on roofs, and streaked by the rain.

    If it's on the roofs, it has also been sucked into our lungs. An awful thought. It's in our air, our water, our land.
    We have taken God's gift to us, and polluted it. So what can we do about it? You have the answers if you - - just stop for a moment to think about it.Now - - - ACT!" [img][/img] 

    Progress of Petition to Change this Forking Dirty Energy World! 

    CA  Jul 05, 07:16  # 227 Our local, family owned company has been providing solar services to the OC and desert communities for 38 yrs.  

    Spain Jul 04, 07:39  # 224   I have learnt that my life has the same value as the life of a person that lived in the past and the life of person who will live in the future. They probably dream also of a better future for us or for the future predecessors..We all have different dreams but I hope that we humans keep on dreaming and carry on with this miracle of having an intelligent life in a marvelous place like planet earth. For us, for the people. Andres

    CA  Jul 03, 17:33 # 221 I've been off grid using solar electricity and solar heating for more than 25 years. I also worked for an electric utility and saw how their investments in massive central coal, nuclear and natural gas plants and the interstate transmission lines required to get the energy was actually more expensive and less reliable than the long term costs of solar, wind and geothermal power. But the utility used very sophisticated bookkeeeping to hide the real cost of energy and the greater customer benefits of investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
    Turkey Jul 02, 23:40 # 220 All over the world we, people and NGOs have to be more proactive for changing the energy sources to renewables as gifted by our nature, stopping using the fossil fuel sources killing our nature and future.
    Here's a link to the petition to the White House to Demand a 100% Transition to Renewable energy within a decade using the World War II Liberty Ship Manufacturing Miracle:
    Thank you and please pass it on. The Biosphere you save may be your own...

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