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  •  It's not true at all?..... (0+ / 0-)

    It just amazes me what people speculate about Christians, so here I will call myself a follower and devotee of Jesus Christ only.

    I have to say it is not really a good idea to put words into Jesus' mouth.  He spoke what He spoke, Words He heard our Father speak and they were all pure and true.  Jesus had a good sense of humor when called for, but the above is a very poor excuse for humor and in very poor taste.  

    If you really want to know what He would really say, it's all written down in His love letters to mankind, so go find a Bible and read it.  After all, it is the best seller of all books for all time, and if you are at all concerned about what happens to your eternal soul, you will find the answers there.

    If you are at all into critical thinking, read, study and decide for yourself.  We all have the same opportunity to know our creator.  Why wait?

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