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View Diary: Chicago Is A War-Torn Hellscape! Call Out The National Guard! Wait... Not So Fast... (112 comments)

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    As someone mentioned above, law enforcement reacts to crime.  They are very poor at crime prevention.

    A military presence might prevent some crime, but it would have to be massive with at least one unit per block.  It would mean curfews and no one would be able to walk the streets.  And any peace would simply be temporary, like the lulls in crime during a cold snap in the winter.  As soon as they left, the punks and gang bangers would come out of their holes.

    The breakdown of the family in these neighborhoods is as much to blame as any other factor. Unsupervised young teens roaming the streets at all hours of the night breeds violence, and they are quickly recruited into gangs.  The only way that can stop is for the community to pull together and do some serious self-policing.  Concerned parents need to work with the churches - and yes, with support from CPD and City Hall - to form block committees that go and talk to each parent.  And these parents should be asked to sign pledges to enforce curfews for their children.

    All of this would be non-binding, of course.  But a community that bands together and exerts pressure on its own members becomes a healthier, safer community.

    If Obama could do anything, his experience in community organizing might help.. we need hundreds of community activists right now on the South Side.

    I grew up in West Englewood.  The families at that time, white and black alike, were strong families.. curfews were strongly enforced.. and members of the community were active participants in policing their own communities.  We need some more of that.

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