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View Diary: Is This the Blockbuster NSA Story from Greenwald/Snowden? (21 comments)

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    The actual NSA logs show an "Expiration Date" for the surveillance in 2008 for all five of the gentlemen. There does not appear to be any date after 2008. That seems strange to me since Edward Snowden stole the files in 2013.

    Although I don't know, and I'll be the first to admit that, it sure looks like an historical record and not a continuing surveillance log.

    Another thing I wanted to point out is that Greenwald selected these people for the purpose of showing possible bias on the part of the Bush Administration. I don't doubt that bigots were working in the Bush Administration, that's been proved over and over again. But, it would be handy to know what percentage of the people surveilled were Muslim-Americans. I imagine other surveillances were ongoing at the time, so a percentage would be helpful.

    Finally, this article, like the whole NSA affair, shows again, to me, why it is important to have a Democrat in the White House. Greenwald can tweet out a vague "there's still surveillance" going on or something along those lines, but every reasonable person understands that. The question is this: Is the surveillance reasonable and Constitutional? That question isn't even answered for these five gentlemen.

    We know that President Bush did not get court orders for his NSA telephone metadata collection program; President Obama got court orders for his. We also know that President Bush had sloppy minimization procedures for his metadata collection program; President Obama had those minimization procedures updated by the Attorney General's Office. Most significantly, we know that the Bush NSA used actual warrantless wiretaps, and the Obama Administration has not. (Or, at least there's been no evidence of them.)

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