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View Diary: House Republicans still spinning their wheels on Obamacare replacement (48 comments)

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    they took whatever their current insurer offered, which is going to be way more than what they had before, because what they had before was likely junk.

    And of course, it's going to cost more.

    If you go from a junky 87 Chevy to a nice 2014 Chevy you'll be safer, get way better mileage, and save a ton on gas and repairs, but you'll put out more at the beginning. And you'll likely pay more on insurance, because it's going to need more than just minimal liability.

    If you won't go look at something between your junker and that brand new car with every option known to man, you will just complain about how much it costs to replace your car. But if you take the effort to look a little, you'll likely find something almost as nice for a lot less.

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