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View Diary: Germany Escalates Conflict Over US Spying (190 comments)

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    Richard Lyon, TJ, joe from Lowell, CenPhx

    Of course, we spy on Germany, with their consent.

    However, this is only acceptable to the extent that it benefits Germany as well as the United States, e.g. "yes, we're paying attention, and oh yes, check out these guys in the docks in Hamburg, they could be trouble for you..."

    Massively passing bulk data around the US and British intelligence community and using it to spy on German politicians deemed unfriendly to the US is not part of the implied consent.  Furthermore, doing things for German intelligence that are illegal in Germany is a huge internal issue for the government.  One of the issues here is that the BND may itself be compromised by the US.  This would be a huge issue -- it's not the same thing as carrying out intelligence activities in Germany.


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