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View Diary: It turns out that Republicans love their Obamacare. Repeal that, GOP (85 comments)

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  •  At this point I am finding my day (8+ / 0-)

    job completely hilarious - there's always that one clinging to hope of let's say tort reform to reduce his portion of the premium on our incredibly awesome employer based policy. We are in open enrollment, keeping my mouth shut as manager presenting this information is really fucking hard, especially when the stupid poisons the well. Of course, these are folks who have probably never been in the position of being uninsured, so it's a different perspective altogether. But to hear the twisting that has to go on to find a legitimate complaint - hahahaha. (What that one is really arguing for is single payer, but he doesn't know that yet)

    •  Tort reform was done on the state level, years ago (3+ / 0-)
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      States which passed tort reform limited the ability of hurt people to get some damages, but it did nothing to limit premiums going up.  Insurance premiums in states with tort reform went up pretty much the same % and amount as similar nearby states which did not pass tort reform.  In other words, it helped inrsurance company profits, reduced malpractice payouts, and did nothing for consumers.  As you'd expect from a mean-spirited lie told by the GOP to help companies and CEOs get richer.

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