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View Diary: Judge Nixes GOP-Drawn Florida Congressional Districts (85 comments)

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  •  Except The Obama IS NOT KENYAN!! (0+ / 0-)

    He had an American mother, a Kenyan father, born in America, raised by American parents and grandparents...yes, spent some of his youth living overseas, and I am not talking about Hawai here...

    But Obama is every bit as American as any other first-generation American.

    I, myself, am, on my mother;s side, a third-generation American, that part of the family came for Austria-Hungary (the part they came from is now Poland) and my grandfather on that side was born in Oklahoma, as a first-generation American.

    This makes me least on my mom's side.

    My dad's is harder to trace, and, since he was adopted anyway, tracing my father's adoptive family does not truly produce results for me.  But I can trace my father's adoptive family back to a great-great grandfather born in Tennessee in 1824.  Making me at least fifth-generaton on that side.  But not bioloically.  I have no real clue about that.

    But my point is that my maternal grandfather, the one born in Oklahoma...was an American...and Obama is every bit as American as my grandfather was.

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