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View Diary: House Republicans finally let a poor person speak on poverty, but won't hear what she's saying (141 comments)

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    What a pathetic display of manipulation and bullshit! I admire Ms. Gaines-Turner for not only being a hell of a lot smarter than the Rethug jerk questioning her, but for having the courage to stand up to the crap he was slinging and throw it right back in his smug face. No, Senator Asshole, people like the brave Ms. Gaines-Turner am not dependent on handouts or assistance. They work hard for the little they get that supports themselves and their families. You, on the other hand, don't work at all. You merely posture and strut to impress your red meat imbecile base. You're the one who's dependent -- on corporate welfare from the rich people who give you your orders and control your every move. You are an insult to working Americans every day.  

    These Rethuglican asshats are precisely why we need to vote out the GOP as soon as possible. These co-called hearings on poverty are nothing but a bad joked designed to give the haters of the GOP a forum to concemn the social safety net. Haven't they done that enough? They want to reduce the poor and middle classes to mindless wage slaves, and to kill off the people who aren't healthy enough to bring yet more $$$ for the 1% by letting them die from lack of affordable medical care. If we want to save this country, we have to get the GOP out of power NOW!

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