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  •  SAS, Shill Accusation Syndrome. (1+ / 0-)
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    A great many of those who express approval of the use of GMO's and GE. have been the unwitting victims of anti-gmo zealots wishing to silence them.  Mem_somerville elegantly describes just the latest salvo of such attacks, albeit more vicious and sexist than most.  Such attacks are the hallmark symptom of SAS, Shill Accusation Syndrome.

    What is SAS?  It's a condition strongly correlated to the lack of GMO's in one's diet. Sufferers are prone to paranoid hallucinations involving conspiracies of large corporations, evil scientists, and money hungry politicians out to poison and kill everyone around them. These may be accompanied by strong negative and angry emotions and outbursts expressed at inappropriate times, directed at anyone who might disagree with them on GMO's and biotech in general. One of the most consistent of symptoms is the absolute refusal to entertain any evidence that is contrary to their beliefs. Some of the more acute cases may even dress in strange costumes of corn monsters or apples with fish heads, et al, and parade in town trying to get others to join the fight against the, "conspiracy". In extreme cases, sufferers may even engage in vandalism and character assassinations.

    Someday, we hope to have a cure for SAS.  It'll probably be Genetically Engineered !

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