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View Diary: Thanks, GOP, for getting out the Democratic vote! (142 comments)

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    GOTV always wins the day. There are about a million reasons for every Dem to get off their ass & vote. Sensible gun laws, ending prohibition once & for all, recognizing that addiction is just one part of our mental health problem, and that trickle that never came are all reasons to vote. But for me the biggest reason of all is our voter turn out in general is an embarrassment.

    People like to jump on bloggers when they refer to our country as a democracy. They write, we're a republic, and then bold & italicize it. We are as I understand it a representative republic that democratically elects those representatives. A democracy for short. But if we don't GOTV in far larger numbers than we have lately we will end up with theological oligarchy.

    Dream things that never were and ask "Why not"

    by Barry C aka Casey on Sun Jul 13, 2014 at 07:34:55 AM PDT

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