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View Diary: Here is more proof that Meet the Press’s David Gregory is but a Republican shill (295 comments)

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  •  Sunday morning news shows are first and foremost (11+ / 0-)

    propaganda before anything else.

    Anyone with half a brain should have learned that from the Bush Administration's "smoking gun" "mushroom cloud" scam back in 2002 and that was a VERY EXPENSIVE lesson.

    The only thing that the Sunday morning shows can inform you of is what the powers controlling them WANT you to believe.
    These shows are definitely NOT a place to go to to receive honest information.

    They are more likely to misinform you than to inform you.
    They are a complete waste of time.

    I hope their ratings continue to dwindle downward to non-existent.

    America will be a better, stronger nation without them.

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