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  •  Dan Schnur is an idiot. (19+ / 0-)

    The data and the election results tell a very different story from the 'raging moderate' bullshit. While the independent self-identification is up because there are people in both parties who dont want a party label, almost all the independent voters have a definitive lean to one party or the other and usually vote that way for their entire lives. The electorate that swings back and forth is small...smaller than the percentage of votes Dan got. Ticket splitting is more common phenomenon, but still nowhere near the level of partisans and partisan leaners.

    Second, lets look at the issues he raises. He says hes for low taxes and marriage equality. Given that he will almost always have to choose between the two, which is more important? He says he's tough on crime and pro choice. Which is more important?  Then he says hes for a pathway to citizenship and teaching to the test. Thats a position almost exclusively held by Democrats. No Republican in his right mind can favor citizenship and get elected. And Democrats havent jacked up taxes except on the wealthy. ..theyve been cutting taxes just like Republicans for years and years. And find me a soft on crime Democrat elected ANYWHERE these days. Next to impossible.

    So when you get past the mealy-mouthed platitudes about being a moderate, when he steps into that voting booth there is going to be a choice. What the data tells us is that almost every self-identified moderate votes for the Democrat. Because it IS THE MODERATE PARTY. It has a liberal wing that has power on certain important social issues, but on everything else he says hes for is in line with elected Democrats.

    What he needs to do is start asking where the moderate Republicans are. Becsuse if he wants to be one, then he should go about that as his starting point. I doubt he will get past 'im pro choice' before hes shown the exit.

    Just vote Democrat Dan and shut the fuck up.

    •  Exactly BBB (2+ / 0-)
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      DLWinMI, DRo

      I see this all the time on FB - one day the poster is putting up some vile picture bashing liberals, then the next day they are sharing someone's "Save the Planet" page.

      I think most people get their political identity much the same way they've arrived at their religious identity - they get it from their parents and don't spend a whole lot of effort to examine what that political identity really means.

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