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View Diary: Kentucky Republican angrily doubles down on his Mars conspiracy theory (205 comments)

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  •  It's called Cognitive Dissonance (12+ / 0-)

    as explained in the book When Prophecy Fails, by Leon Festinger et al. The authors researched the conditions under which adherents of a religion or ideology will double down when the confident predictions of their leaders turn out not to come true. They have to get their followers to commit to actions that are difficult to reverse, and apply powerful social pressure such as a threat of shunning, so that when the prediction clearly and unambiguously fails, they can sell those followers the most implausible excuses.

    In the original case, an end-of-the-world UFO cult, membership expanded after the world did not end as predicted. They went with the excuse that the actions of the faithful leading up to the moment when the world was meant to end convinced the UFO-dwellers to give Earth another chance.

    Each of the major Republican factions has done this on its particular pet topics.

    National Republican Poll unskewers (Romney lost because of voter fraud); Tea Parties on Mississippi Senate Primary (Black voters legally voting in the Republican primary is massive voter fraud, or Cochran sold out to Blacks and Liberals, or whatever)

    Fossil carbon interests on Global Warming (It's a conspiracy of nearly all of the climate scientists in the world, just so they can get grant money)

    Racist Birthers (some CT or other that Sheriff Joe or The Donald will uncover by next Tuesday)

    The whole party on Benghazi (Squirrel!)

    CTers claiming that Hillary killed however many to cover up whatever (The massive Right-wing conspiracy is just a massive Left-wing conspiracy)

    Religious Right Creationism ("Peer-reviewed science is the Kool-Aid of the left-wing Liberal Conspiracy.")

    Tea Parties claiming that the current child refugee crisis (Obama made the children come over the border in order to pass Immigration Reform and get all of the Latino votes)

    The Religious Right again on Legitimate Rape (Well, there you go)

    1%er Voodoo Economics (The only problem is that we didn't cut taxes enough)

    Fox News on increasing employment (The Labor Department cooked the books)

    Tea Parties and others on the Obamacare train wreck (Well, something. Wait, I know! We can make it fail if we impeach him).

    Also, there is no War on Women, but Voter Fraud is a thing.

    I could go on at length, and I intend to in Diaries for the Readers and Book Lovers group. We are discussing the schedule of books to cover in a Grokking Republicans thread.

    Back off, man. I'm a logician.—GOPBusters™

    by Mokurai on Mon Jul 14, 2014 at 12:01:10 PM PDT

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