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    I was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoid and given prednisone and an immune suppressant to treat it.  This left me 45 lb. overweight, a prednisone "responder", and no immune system.  No attempt to test my immune system was offered by my PCP.  So I did research on the internet and discovered the Women to Women Clinic in Maine, which practices "functional medicine", a combination of conventional and alternative medicine.  They tested me, treated me with alternative medicine (with no adverse side affects), and restored my immune system.

       Now I have a PCP and a Naturopathic Doctor, who consult each other about treatment.  This has made a big difference in my health.  I have found alternative solutions, like naturopathic,remedies, have been more effective than standard drugs for gout, which have debilitating side affects for me.

       However, since the pharmaceutical industry's influence on the conventional medical community dismisses the importance of alternative medical solutions, these are not covered by health insurance but must be paid for out-of-pocket, and therefore not affordable for many people.

    •  So, because you have a bad doctor (0+ / 0-)

      we should stop vaccinating children.

      After all, the only reason we vaccinate children is because of the clinical studies which proved vaccines were safe and effective. Since you reject clinical studies which show that alt-meds are neither safe nor effective, you reject the entire principle of administering medicine based on clinical studies; which means, rejecting vaccines.

      Welcome to the 17th century! It's not just GOPers that want to go back.

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