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  •  Evening Bluesters! (8+ / 0-)

    Random as ever am I. Thinking of BRICs banks,Reid Hoffman talking to Charlie Rose about the need for bitcoin or a "currency you can trust" and a study on how P2P networks devolve into oligarchical news round here,I know ;)

    & maybe nobody knows but at least Ha Joon Chang has a new book out on economics...err,not yet released in the US but soon. Why bother to read it? Maybe 'cause he thinks like this ;)

    I want teach my readers how to think not what to think. What conclusion they draw is up to them; I’m simply giving the necessary tools in terms of different theories and historical background and facts as they stand today so that they can make a more informed decision. One great example that you can use here is Singapore. If you read only The Economist or the Wall Street Journal you will only hear about the country’s free trade policy and welcoming attitude to foreign investors. You will never be told that 90 per cent of the land is owned by the government, 85 per cent of housing is provided by government owned housing corporation, and a staggering 22 per cent of GDP is produced by state owned enterprise when the equivalent ratio on average worldwide is around 9 per cent. Singapore combines the features of extreme capitalism and extreme socialism, so what is it? There’s no single economic theory that can explain Singapore. Reality is very complex, therefore I’m encouraging my readers to look at the different theories and try to apply different theories in different contexts.  Ha-Joon Chang

    "George RR Martin is not your bitch" ~~ Neil Gaiman

    by tardis10 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 06:26:28 PM PDT

    •  evening tardis... (6+ / 0-)

      heh, the thing about "extreme" capitalism and state socialism is that in both cases the organization of work/economy is performed by an elite.  while "communism" took power from the hands of capitalist exploiters, that power never devolved to the workers, making "communism" more appropriately state capitalism.

      frankly, i don't think it matters all that much whether you are controlled by a corporate behemoth or a state behemoth, it sucks either way.

      i'm part of the 99% - america's largest minority

      by joe shikspack on Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 06:47:31 PM PDT

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      •  Is there an appreciable difference in (5+ / 0-)

        those behemoths? Do the behemoths think so? These days for the US I'd say kinda/sorta and NO.
        Lately the questions I keep coming back to are how large can a country get before the residents stop paying attention? how purposefully impoverished before they rise up?

        "George RR Martin is not your bitch" ~~ Neil Gaiman

        by tardis10 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 06:59:56 PM PDT

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        •  heh... (4+ / 0-)

          the lackeys of the behemoths are invested in telling us that one or the other of the behemoths is much better than the other.  

          in the us, the government behemoth due to deregulation, the transfer of power from the government to the corporate sector and the government's willingness to perform services for the corporate sector, the government and the corporate sector have largely merged.  one can see that particularly in the military/industrial/surveillance sector - the merger is quite evolved there with the cia funding silicon valley.

          the us is more and more resembling the complaints that were lodged against the soviet union in us cold war propaganda.

          i'm part of the 99% - america's largest minority

          by joe shikspack on Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 07:17:30 PM PDT

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