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  •  As far as I'm aware... (3+ / 0-)
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    But, what the atheists don’t seem to understand is that the fundies do NOT represent all religious people and in fact, we liberal and/or progressive persons of faith stand solidly on the side of secular humanism when it comes to public policy!
    As far as I'm aware, at least one of the things secular humanists stand for is that atheists shouldn't be stereotyped in this way. Don't say that you stand with us when you're demonizing us as dogmatic and hostile.
    •  I'm sorry but that's what they keep telling me (1+ / 0-)
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      which is why I wrote this.  The overwhelming consensus that I keep hearing from my atheist friends and those in the media is that all religion ought to be stamped out because of fundie dogma.  I am always happy to meet an atheist who does not hold that view, so thank you!

      •  Perhaps you need ... (0+ / 0-)

        ... to do your interfaith networking with a better group of friends?

      •  I'm calling shenanigans... (0+ / 0-)

        ... first on the notion that there's a consensus among a group of people who have little in common other than a shared skepticism about god.

        Second on the idea of "those in the media" given that New Atheist antitheism has gotten plenty of high profile critique including Epstein and Stedman (Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy), Plait, Atran, Ronald Dworkin, De Botton, Jim Al-Khalili, ("Atheists are the mainstream. This is precisely why we should set out our stall to be more tolerant and inclusive.") and likely several more. That's not touching the Pew or Silver/Coleman research documenting that antitheists are a minority, with ritual atheists approximately equal to them in numbers.

        It's possibly true to the degree that the "news" has become the ideological equivalent of professional wrestling with worse costumes, but progressive Christians who also are excluded by that spin should understand how key voices are minimized by it.

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